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The majority of our pontoons are made from thin wall, large diameter tubular steel. These arranged in a catamaran configuration with welded cross tubes provide an extremely strong, rigid and stable platform of continuous tubular floats. Their intrinsic strength and versatility allows us to design for most buoyancy, loading and geometric requirements without relying on the deck frame for strength.

The floats are fully welded, grit blasted to internationally accepted Standard SA21/2 and finished in a 2 component high build isocyanate cured coal tar/epoxied resin coating to 440 microns. All floatation components are pressure tested to be guaranteed watertight. Cathodic protection can be provided to further extend the life of the installation.

Deck frames are of fully welded steel construction, hot dipped galvanized and mounted with mooring cleats or bollards as required. The deck edges are fully protected by a substantial hardwood fender.

Pontoon Decks

For the pontoon deck we recommend the use of a tongue and grooved decking material, which is manufactured from recycled plastics. This has many environmental benefits, drains readily and has a neat, attractive appearance. It is extremely tough and well suited to this type of environment and has no fixings thereby making it virtually maintenance free. If it is more appropriate however, we can fit timber decking or fibreglass grating.

Pile Guides/Anchor Points

Any load stress points are directed into the tubular structure to prevent failure. The pile guides can incorporate energy absorbing rubber mounts if necessary and be designed for any configuration within reason. Our H-section column guides are particularly popular as they are unusually robust.

Anchor points are also normally welded directly onto the tubes albeit with additional stiffening and positioned so that they do not foul moored boats.


The success of an installation often can depend on the joint design. In sheltered waters a simple rubber ‘doughnut’ type is well proven however in grounding conditions or in heavy load applications a more substantial through bolted rubber block may be needed. To enhance stiffness and therefore wave attenuation and stability, Docking Solutions has developed a solid joint that is as strong as the tubes themselves. This effectively creates one continuous, long pontoon.